Securing livelihoods: Visions of a better future

Many colliding forces and the rapid pace of change are bringing a seismic shift to livelihoods. Drivers include powerful technologies and the automation of many tasks previously performed by humans. Meanwhile, globalization has fueled outsourcing and entrepreneurial opportunities in many countries.  Experts from public, private and research sectors met to explore and innovate solutions to these and other pressing topics at a recent Rockefeller Foundation-backed meeting. Learn what they had to say in our “Securing Livelihoods: Visions of a better future” report and video

Key insights identified in the report from the meeting include:

  1. Technology as an enabler of lifelong learning: Standardized and customizable structures that integrate advanced technology, such as universal broadband and tablets, with human guidance, such as personal education guidesand career coaches.
  2. Creative financing as a lever for change: High-impact cash transfers can help upskill individuals, finance apprenticeships or ease the adjustmentto better employment options.
  3. Government as a backstop for universal well-being, social inclusion and income: The shift to a knowledge-based economy and the potentially devastating impact of uncertain global forces demand that governments better meet their populations’ basic needs.
  4. Cross-sectoral collaboration to formalize the informal and share its benefits: Tools and approaches that can help informal settlements gain legitimacy, social protection and opportunity.

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