Planetary health: Improving human health by healing the planet

In July 2014, experts from public, private and research sectors met at the Rockefeller Foundation's "Planetary Health" summit to explore ways to better value ecosystems today to ensure their healthy existence tomorrow. Learn what they had to say in the "Planetary health: Improving human health by healing the planet" report and video

Key insights identified in the report from the meeting include:

  1. Better governance structures for managing global resourcesTo provide a viable commercial alternative to the current fishing industry, by establishing and scaling up a sustainable aquaculture industryby 2030.
  2. Evidence-based input about the likely impact of land-use changes to influence decision-making: Case studies, personal and site-based monitoring to explore the human health impact of ecosystem changes on such areas as infectious diseases, nutrition and mental health.  
  3. More evidence-based information about the potential benefits of ecosystems protection to spur policy change Policy makers will be more apt to craft laws andincentives and fund programs that protect vital ecosystems with quantitative measuresof their benefits.
  4. New business models to deliver scarce resources to underserved and vulnerable regions Suggested building blocks include web-based proposal templates for communities to begin fund-raising efforts, and a global Water Corps to advise communities on building and maintaining water infrastructure.
  5. The creation of an entirely new field to focus attention, resources and action on this urgent area: Communications campaigns and convening investors and funders within a year to finance and focus on the programmatic aspects of this new field. The commission and future work will explore this undertaking.

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